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Steel belt tumble type shot blasting machine
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Product: Views:313Steel belt tumble type shot blasting machine 
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 working principle of tumble type Shot Blasting Machines

In this Belt Shot Blasting Machines, workpiece which need to shot blasting can placed on a circulation conveyor belt loosely.

The conveyor belt can form a hollow, upside down the piece,make its surface exposure to the shot blasting.

Because of combination used the trolley and workpiece rolling technology, the shot and remove the core work became very simple.

Pack material through a front hydraulic baeckereimaschinen operates, and unloaded through the reverse direction of rotation belt automatically.

Equipped with a durable type machine used to load material, this outfit feeding machine is suitable for the mention of the standard size container.

Position in the machine and decorated with between machine set aside a gap, gap size can make with empty boxes for feeding machine is suitable for loading or filed after the treatment of workpiece transfer machine.

on the roof of the machine fixed a impeller, so as to form the efficient, even abrasive flow

Blast the inner surface of the area the anti-wear material used to protect.

Therefore, maintenance cost is very low.

From the impeller in jet out of the steel shot in the dust removal and other pollutants, will collect and circulate afresh to store in a pill.

In addition also equipped with separation device, according to the nature of work of the machine to effective screening out the metal sand.

This machine can be connected directly to the exhaust fan or filter device, so that to steel shot cleaning, reduce work of dust and impurities mix.

Crawler shot blasting machine main technical parameters

Internal size: diameter × width mm Ф 600 x 900

Maximum allowable load kg 200

The largest one-piece weight kg           5

Drive power kw                          11

Diameter of the impeller is mm          Ф 360

Shot blasting speed m/s                   72

Hoist kw                                      0.75

Tracked drive kw                         1.5

Vibration motor kw                      0.2 * 2

Hydraulic motor kw                        2.2

Air capacity m ³. / h                      1000

The static pressure mm.  H2O            200

Dust removal motor power Kw 2.2 (settlement type dust removal + electronic pulse dust removal)

Filtered does not include any oil content of dry compressed air pressure Mpa 580

Air consumption Nm ³ / h                  4

Steel shot inputs kg                        200

Ac three-phase                            220 V    60 Hz

Control power                             220 V 60 Hz

The total power equipment about           19 kw

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